Why every Indian needs to adopt #ApnaDeshApniDal?

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Rentio-Apna Desh Apni Dal

#ApnaDeshApniDal is more a spirit than just a hashtag.

We have added a lot of cuisines to our routine menu (some of which may be regret at the gym). But, do we make any effort to make a ‘healthy’ change in our diet? Well, you can! You don’t need to switch over to a food that isn’t your type but something like Rentio Tuwar Dal that is healthy plus tasty. The variety of recipes is endless when you know how to utilize your key ingredient like a pro.

Like the no-plastic initiative is in full bloom, it will not only keep India clean but also directs us to a greener future. Don’t you think it’s the much-needed change we should make?

The greatest loss happens when we act upon seeing adverse circumstances while we are expected to initiate the change bearing the future in mind. The same thought goes for healthy eating.

Vegan & Organic Food

It’s an undeniable fact that most of us know at least one person who suffers from diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and such critical health issues. We then suggest them to have something healthy like dal proteins, veggies, and so on. Vegan and organic ingredients’ demand is constantly rising and we don’t question ‘WHY?’ The worsening health condition of our society is right in front of our eyes.

You don’t even need to wander anywhere in search of vegan & organic food as you can start with organically grown and packed Rentio Toor Dal. We are glad that we only upgraded with technology and made our dal available for toor dal online shopping but never changed with time. You’ll find the same quality at the most competitive prices.

Let’s not forget ‘Make in India’

When talking about home-production, how can we oversight Make in India launched by the Government of India in 2014? This initiative was brought forward to promote India’s home production units and encourage 21st Century Indians to come forward with innovative ideas of production, manufacturing, and services such that it benefits their business and the nation as well.

Rentio Toor Dal Manufacturing Unit at Navapur, Maharashtra

Rentio Toor Dal is India’s very own brand existing for 83+ years and has become an irreplaceable part of most Indian’s lives. So, you can count on us if you’re looking for

that one ‘proud’ ingredient of your kitchen that contributes to the nation’s daily nutrition needs.

Don’t forget to tag us when you post a picture of your favorite dal cooked with #ApnaDeshApniDal i.e. Rentio Tuvar Dal.

Rentio-Tuwar dal

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