What are the nutritional benefits of Lentils?

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Rentio Tuvar Dal, Masoor Dal, Urad Dal, etc. belong to the legume family & this is not unknown, right?

One thing that can be found as common among all the lentils is the tiny bean texture. They come in numerous color options like red, brown, black, green & more. The high protein & fiber content make us have them happily in different forms.

Do you know? According to the 2019 Study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, people consuming healthy plant foods reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases.

Heart Health

A healthy heart lives long is the phrase we all know. The abundance of fiber, folic acid, and potassium in lentils improves heart health. Fiber is linked with reducing bad cholesterol and it also works to slow down the progressive conditions of high-risk diseases. No wonder why lentils are recommended as a great alternative to non- vegetarian protein sources.

Also, potassium, calcium, and magnesium reduce blood pressure naturally.


Neural tube defects in a newborn are commonly found for which folate is a critical soother. The risk of Gestational Diabetes remains among pregnant women which seems reducing among women consuming lentils during pregnancy. Thus, pregnant women are recommended to consume 400 micrograms of folate daily. A similar intake will be very helpful in breastfeeding too.

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Lentils are abundant sources of selenium (a mineral decreasing the tumor growth rates).

They enhance the immune response to the infection by stimulating the production of T cells which kill disease in turn. Selenium may also reduce colorectal, prostate, lung, bladder, skin, and gastric cancer. Studies are being conducted to learn more about the nutritional benefits of lentils on cancer.

Fights Fatigue

The deficiency of iron causes fatigue and this is common because we are often leaned towards junk food. Two main types of iron are necessary for diet: heme and nonheme.

You get to consume nonheme iron from plants and heme iron is received from fish and meat. However, it is essential to have heme and nonheme iron in a balanced way. Absorption of nonheme iron gets easier when combined with Vitamin C rich foods like citrus, berries, pepper, etc.

Improves Digestion

If you have only noticed while eating dals or lentils, you will find that they keep you feeling fuller for a long time. This reduces your food intake naturally and also decreases overall calorie intake. Your digestion gets on track, constipation is resolved and bowel movements are improved.

Because of the antioxidant properties and richness of vitamins and minerals, you can’t stay away from lentils. And, if you’re quite impressed now, would you not like to proceed to buy toor dal online India with Rentio?


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