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Rentio Toor Dal is 85+ years old Indian brand now. It feels so privileged to fulfill the nation’s nutrition needs. The combined efforts of our consistently high-quality products & non-tiring efforts of our team are the foundations that we stand strong.

From your granny to your mom, we’ve preserved the authenticity of taste & purity of nature together in toor dal. The aroma of dal tadka & more of your most liked homemade dals is exotically served from the lap of nature in its purest form.

Shop Local, Eat Local, Spend Local, Enjoy Local – Start the Trend!

We proudly stand as one of the oldest & revolutionary Indian brands today & we want to evolve with the generation’s changing nutrition needs.

Rentio Toor Dal is your Home-Gym & Restaurant at Home

Let’s not deny the fact that we’ve adopted western culture & lifestyle with open arms. This also applies equally to food habits. Our kids are suffering from a lack of proteins & essential nutrients that make them grow stronger. Is this the reason we often blame that our grandparents used to have a healthier lifestyle than us?

Starting a good habit anytime is better than never.

Buy Rentio Tuvar Dal Online & try your hands on yummy recipes loaded with proteins. No matter if you’re having super-busy life, you can ensure with us that your diet needs are never compromised. Make some quick meals with Rentio Ready – your 2-minute dal pack.

Also, a big shout out to all gym freaks out there, would you not like to rely on natural proteins than shakes & bars?

Final Thoughts

Fondly referred to as Rentio Tuwar Dal, we’re passionately serving India with top-quality Toor Dal proteins.

Thanks to PM Modi’s inspirational thoughts, Indian’s are motivated to support #vocalforlocal. Don’t forget to count on us as you buy toor dal online India!

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