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Rentio-Unpolished dal

Unpolished Dal, Organic Dal, Vegan Dal are the most likely terms discussed among health-conscious people. Similarly, unpolished rice has its own space in the kitchen where health is prioritized.

Some people unknowingly consume polished dal that is sold by the nearest grocery store and don’t even know if they have polished and unpolished dal to choose from. (When you do toor dal online shopping next time, don’t forget to count this one!)

To be honest, the shine and gloss that we love to see around us have created a different perspective in our minds. We have habituated ourselves to buy things that appear glazy and peppy to the eyes.

That’s mental pabulum indeed!

“Not every crop grows glazy & it must have undergone some processing after which it appears so” is thought by a few people.”

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What is Unpolished Dal, Rice & Pulses?

Unpolished Dal, pulses and Unpolished Rice undergo natural irrigation with natural manures. A traditional method like hand-milling is utilized to retain the taste and nutrients. Thanks to the age-old method that organic dals, rice and more pulses are good for the digestive system. They reduce acidity and digestive-GI related ailments.

Unpolished Dal & Rice is low in moisture and hence gets easier and faster to cook

We are glad to say that our Rentio Toor Dal is grown in a natural environment away from the city’s hustle-bustle.

Polished vs. Unpolished Rice

Polished vs. Unpolished Rice – it’s very easy to spot the difference. Unpolished rice, informally known as brown rice undergoes a ‘whitening’ process after which regular white rice is achieved.

Gym trainers and fitness instructors recommend unpolished rice for a healthy meal. The bran layer removed during the processing of rice contains essential nutrients.

Lesser-Known Fact on Rentio’s Unpolished Toor Dal…

Unpolished Toor Dal by Rentio is India’s favorite staple for 80+ years now and few of you know the soaking technique of our brand. Healthy living with clean eating has always been our priority and our soaking process is thus strategized as chemical-free.

After toor dal is reaped and brought to our manufacturing unit, we don’t use any chemicals to split the pigeon peas.

Our Toor Dal is soaked in pure cottonseed oil which separates the pulses easily and ensures that your dal is untouched by any kind of adulteration. When you are concerned with good health and healthy living, you should know that every single step matters. Right from cultivation to processing, packaging, and storage, we keep Rentio Tuwar Dal organic for you.


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