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Rentio-Swadeshi Toor Dal

Rentio Tuwar Dal is the ultimate element you may use to get high on life with Swadeshi Spirit. Let’s not deny the fact that your favorite Dal recipes can never be replaced and its truly Indian cuisine that you enjoy the most.

No matter which stage of life you are at, Toor Dal can fit in brilliantly. It can be your much-needed nutrient that fulfills daily protein requirements with yumminess as a perk.

#JiyoDeshi with Rentio Toor Dal

Are you a Swadeshi Indian?

Confused with the title? Obviously! After all, we have got so busy imitating modern lifestyle derived from the western culture that our very own Swadeshi lifestyle seems fading away.

Swadeshi simply means that “of one’s own country” and it is hardly adopted by 21st Century Indians who are less Swadeshi and more modish. Ask yourself if you are a true Swadeshi Indian at heart as you finish this read.

Gandhiji used to describe the idea of Swadeshi living as a soul of Swaraj. The evidence of Swadeshi ideas can be found in the freedom movement too. Hardly any Indian is unaware of the Khadi movement, right?!

Why going Swadeshi is life-changing?

Sticking to the Swadeshi lifestyle is more like standing strong with the Indian culture. We hear about the negative impacts of junk food and fast food but did you ever hear about the adverse effects or disadvantages of consuming dal even daily?

Whether you are a gym freak or looking for the best nutritious food for tiffin boxes, veggies, dals, pulses, rice, and more are go-to options. Not only you’ll consume something very essential for your body, but you can also have healthy proteins that are good for one and all. Only a few of us are aware of the benefits that can be availed with a simple dal tadka too!

Severe health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and more are widespread. Healing them with medicines is inevitable but it is well said that “Let your Food be your Medicine”.

When you eat what is right for you, there will come a day when you’ll not need medicines at all. Touchwood!

Do you know? Dal proteins are good for your heart health and also keep you full for longer so you don’t have to munch-on frequently. More of such benefits can be reaped when you are aware of the benefits offered by the dal.

Buy Rentio Tuvar Dal & #SelectSwadeshi

Rentio Tuvar Dal online shopping is a modern way to go desi, don’t you think so? Make a fresh start of a healthy lifestyle by selecting Swadeshi and when you make any recipe with Rentio Toor Dal, don’t forget to add #SelectSwadeshi to your social media post.


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