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Rentio Toor Dal is a brand which has found irreplaceable shelf-space in thousands of homes in India. The tradition follows since 1936 when the making of most naturally processed Dal, Wheat, Rice & Jowar began. We are thus making meals yummier with nutrition been taken care of first.

How Rentio got its Brand Name?

Rentio (a Gujarati word) generally means Spinning Wheel. Here is a brief introduction on how Rentio was named…

Mr. Gordhandas Chokhawala, one of the elder brothers of the family was totally involved in the Freedom Movement of the 1920s. He worked with Mahatma Gandhi and later served as the President of Surat Municipality & became the 1st Mayor of SMC (Surat Municipal Corporation). He also gave a noteworthy contribution as Education Minister in Gujarat Ministry.

This way, the entire family was involved in the Freedom Movement and happily spun Khadi cloth on Spinning Wheel. It was followed as a daily ritual by all the family members being followers of Mahatma Gandhi. So, when the moment arrived to select a brand name, ‘Rentio’ was agreed by one and all.

Rentio Products Then & Now

The only difference one can spot in Rentio products then and now is that Rentio Toor Dal Online Shopping can be done! Besides innovative packaging & finding more ways to reach us, we have kept the taste, purity, quality & nutritional value intact. We make sure that any of our products that to reach you for consumption are safely processed lentils.

Modern machinery processes the products carefully & naturally & they undergo rigorous quality checks before packed & dispatched to you.

Our Quality Enriched Products to choose from are Tuvar Dal, Premium Basmati Rice, Lachkari Kolam Rice, Wheat, and Jowar & Watla. Serve hot & yummy chapatis to your family with wheat flour ground from farm-fresh Wheat grains or Jowar.

Leave the job of making your main course nutrition-rich as you get to shop Toor Dal & Rice for amazing lunch & dinner recipes. Above all, we can proudly say that Rentio is a brand most Indians know beforehand as they grow and this is definitely not a small thing. So, cart your desired Rentio products now!

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