Rentio Toor Dal – A Brand Enthusiastically Driven by Females

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Rentio Foods Pvt Ltd.

“Who rules the world? Women“, they say and we agree to this to a great extent.

Rentio Toor Dal, a women-led brand is proud to have 90% of its staff comprising of females as an irreplaceable part of Management & Operations. We believe that

companies that are led by women aren’t just good for business but are also good for employees.

Only a woman understands another woman better!

Being a female-driven brand for more than 83 years has earned a reputation that every family member knows Rentio Tuwar Dal.

Toor Dal is now is used in home kitchens as well as in commercial kitchens and the reason is the taste and quality of lentils. We can undoubtedly say that women know that a woman can never compromise with nutrition. This is one of the reasons why millions of families trust Rentio for its non-compromising product quality intact for years. The responsibility to nurture this reliability and trust for years to come, we have handed over the management and operations to females.

We are glad that they are performing their duties tactfully and leading the brand to soaring success.

Rentio – Trusted by Women across India

Empowered women empower women and in this way, our products have found their special place in Indian kitchens. Women are free to make any Dal recipe without worrying about the taste as Rentio will offer the top-grade lentils that will care for complete family’s health. Who would not love to prefer a brand that cares for the family nutrition needs?!

Regardless of the type of cuisine is made, ingredients take the blame to make the recipe successful. Leave this worry at bay as our women workforce is constantly thriving to make the best Toor Dal reach you. Are you up for toor dal online shopping now??

Moreover, it is said that women-led companies seem to be better at inspiring belief in their products or services and leading to more overall employee engagement.

On a Sweet Note

Take this as recognition for the contribution of women towards the society and a firm together. We are proud to have a female-driven brand and we put our trust in them to take this brand as new heights.


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