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Tuwar dal soaking, what’s different?

It is obvious to spot this strange thinking that what’s special in soaking tuwar dal & other lentils & pulses than you have been doing till now. Well, it’s no big deal than transferring dal from the packet to a bowl and soaks it by adding enough water.

A well-soaked lentil batch can increase digestibility, reduces cooking time and saves fuel too.

Knowing a few tactics will only enhance your cooking & better the taste of your recipe. Let’s have a look.

Rinse it well

You can stay assured that your Rentio Toor Dal is free from any contaminants but if you use lose-packed dal, it may contain dirt, gravel, and other debris. Such residue should be removed for which you should rinse the pulses/lentils thoroughly. Once rinsed, soak it in a clean vessel when the portion of lentils and water is 1:2.

Long Soak Dal

To be stated roughly, when you soak dal overnight or for 7 to 8 hours, it is considered as long soak. The basic idea of soaking lentils, pulses or beans is to allow them to expand. By soaking it for such a long duration, you are free from the fears of your dal being hard even after many whistles.

Sometimes, when you want green whole moong dal to be consumed as sprouted beans, you can even keep it soaked for two to three days in a row by changing the water twice a day. You breakdown the sugars that lead to bloating with this & thus it helps.

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Use Warm Water

Gear up the soaking process by using lukewarm water for soaking pulses. This tip is very useful when you don’t long-soak dals. You can use this soaking technique when soaking pulses for 2 to 3 hours. It helps to remove the anti-nutritional factors present in the pulses.

Know what you soak

Depending on the type of beans, pulses or lentils that you soak, the minimum soak duration may differ. For instance, kidney beans require a longer soak than toor dal and so on.

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Is there any shortcut?

If you prefer to cook lentils more then you can save cooking time by pre-soaking the lentils in a large batch, drain the water completely and store them in small batches. Refrigerating them in this way will only want you to take one packet out whenever needed and put the unopened packet in warm water for around 5 minutes to get the lentils ready to cook. Try this at least once. If you don’t want to do so, you can also try Rentio Ready Toor Dal.

Hope you enjoyed this read. If you have any tips regarding soaking, do share it in the comments below. We would love to know your thoughts.


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