Is Indian women’s immune system really strong? Read This!

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Believe it or not, we all understood the importance of a stronger immunity system under the shadow of this pandemic. Most people only talk about eating healthy & nutritious but the major issue is addressed when the meal is served.

Proteins are the building blocks of immunity. The proteins that we consume in several forms make antibodies stronger to combat bacteria and viruses causing infections.

We might fearless from such deadly diseases when we’re sure about our body’s capability to fight them, right?

What are the nutritional benefits of lentils?

Let’s see what statistics show

We’ve shared the statistics by survey data from the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) carried out in India. The daily intake of proteins, food & vegetables, saturated & unsaturated fats, as well as sweeteners, was considered for this survey. As you can see, the daily intake of proteins is fewer than the recommended consumption in both urban & rural areas.

Image Source: Live Mint

Why women lag behind in protein consumption?

It can be easily concluded that the overall consumption of proteins is less among men and women. Looking deeper, it’s likely that women’s consumption will be even less for proteins. Women usually eat less than men because they are conditioned to feel they have to feed everyone else. Also, women are likely to sacrifice their share.

The common myth that backs women from eating Dals & Beans

You must have heard from the people around you that they get gastric issues whenever they consume lentils. The root cause of this lies in the cooking process. Women should know the techniques to prepare dals well so that they don’t cause acidity issues. It’s you who can break this myth for your loved ones & make sure that they get enough proteins for a healthy body.

When lentils & legumes are consumed in the well-cooked form then they get friendly to the digestive system. Also, when it comes to consuming lentils, most women prefer limited versions only.

Try the variety of dals available like tuwar dal online, urad dal, moong dal, and more. Know the correct timings to soak them before cooking & avoid gas issues.

The Switchover to Vegetarian Proteins

Do you agree with the fact that previous generations had a better diet than us? Did you ever figure out the reason – why? They ate better combinations of carbs & proteins.

It’s important to consume a better mix of amino acids that comes from a careful combination of pulses, cereals, beans, nuts, and dairy products. Most non-vegetarians hardly face the deficiency of proteins but vegetarians have to rely on a rich source of proteins low in fat and high in proteins.

With proper vegetarian protein consumption, you can ensure to not get protein deficiencies & Rentio Toor dal online shopping is good to start with.

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