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Rentio-Polished V/S Unpolished DAL

‘The Shinier, the Better’ could be a phrase well suiting for diamonds well but not Tur Dal. When you buy dal online, there are several options available, brand-wise and also quality-wise. 

If you find yourself messed up the pool of options available to buy pulses or even toor dal online shopping then don’t worry. Having the general knowledge on the making, processing and packaging can help you choose better dal for yourself. 

We can help you get sorted by the time you finish this read. 

What is the basic difference between polished & unpolished dal?

Polished Dal is the end-product achieved after processing the raw reaped dal. The natural dal is polished for a shinier texture and the process includes polishing through water, oil, marble powder, and leather. In a nutshell, polishing the pulses involves processing which makes it non-vegan and thus more of the essential nutrients are destroyed. 

Unpolished Dal or unpolished rice, pulses or grains are raw and undergo an untouched procedure which cleans the pulses and is packaged in the most possible raw form. The minerals and nutrients are intact & now you know what to choose next time you go for toor dal online shopping

This was just the basic difference that you discovered; you need to look for more. 

3 Tempting Attractions for Polished Dal 

1. Longer Shelf Life

It is not an issue for families who buy and consume on a daily basis but for the families who prefer storing the dals will better go for polished dals. 

It has a longer shelf life for around 8 months or more, till the next dal-stocking season arrives. This is indeed an important feature to choose polished dal against unpolished one which needs to be consumed within 6 months of its purchase. Unpolished Dal needs to be stored in a cool and dry place.

2. Dal becomes Pesticide-free

Pesticides are used while cultivating dals and grains and they need to get rid off they are harmful. As seen above, the extensive polishing process makes the dal totally pesticide-free. 

If this seems interesting then Read on! There are organic and chemical-free dals too available!

3. Preference for Shiny Dal

People will always prefer what looks good. Shinier dal luster is very attractive and seems fanciful to buyers. Unpolished dal may not be so fancy in the looks but its nutrients are rich enough to overcome the polished dal. 

The Conclusion

You always check for the prices and prefer brands only, be it an apparel shopping or grocery. So, why don’t you compare what’s in the packet? Preferring unpolished dal will be a wiser decision as polished dal has its own benefits but limitations too. 

Hope you are convinced why unpolished Tuvar Dal Online shopping will be a healthier decision! 


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