Peep into Rentio Toor Dal Manufacturing Unit at Navapur, Maharashtra

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Rentio Toor Dal, whether it is available as Desi Kori Toor Dal or Oiled Toor Dal, it is one of the purest lentils you will ever buy. The brand finds its origin 83 years back from now and this is a tremendous achievement. You can say that we have been an important part of daily nutrition needs for generations now.

Did you ever wonder why we are so loved? Of the many responsible reasons for making Rentio Toor Dal successful, being close to nature is a vital one.

Manufacturing of Rentio Tuwar Dal is close to Nature

The manufacturing unit of Rentio Tuwar Dal is in Navapur, Maharashtra.

Navapur is a mountainous region and many agro-based industries including sugar factories, food processing facilities and related occupations like animal husbandry and poultry farming are practiced here.

Production Process: Then and Now

Desi Toor is grown in abundance here since ages. The entire manufacturing process is natural since Adivasi farmers’ period as they don’t use fertilizers or insecticides. This tradition is still in continuation and a core standard at our manufacturing unit in Navapur established in 1936.

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Before the existence of electricity, German rice milling machines were adopted which ran on oil engines. You can now buy dal online easily but there was very limited distribution of lentils in those days. Toor dal was only delivered to Surat and some parts of Mumbai via Railways as roads didn’t exist.

Today, Rentio Toor Dal has found its place in almost every Indian home with advance machinery to ease the manufacturing process. Constant improvements have been made in packing, distribution, and marketing with changing trends.

We are glad to start the trend of introducing small packages in Dal business so that buying branded Dal in small packing is possible.

A Dal that reaches Kitchens in Authentic form

The dal is cultivated, cleaned and packed in a pollution-free environment. The area where crops are grown highly influence the production process and we so keep it real and

natural. Thus, the dal that reaches your kitchen is grown, packed and delivered with an assurance that you are buying the best product that is not just tasty but healthy and assured too.

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