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Rentio-toor dal Benefits

“Eat Rentio Tuwar Dal & lentils more”, “Don’t eat this”, “Eat more of protein-rich food” and so on is what women get habituated to listen during pregnancy.Everyone has something to suggest to women regarding health care, food intake and what not!

Having food cravings now and then is common for pregnant women but it is sometimes confusing as to what should be in the “must-have” list and what not. If you are going through this situation right now then we will help you get sorted. So, let’s begin!

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Dos & Don’ts during Pregnancy

Knowing what to eat and what should be avoided can be quite tricky, especially when you have expecting for the first time. Whatever you consume will affect the health of your baby too.


Eating a variety of food is important to ensure a healthy and nutrition-rich diet. Make sure that your diet includes:

  • At least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily. You can also get your hygienic diet from a dietician.
  • Keep the energy levels boosted with rice, rotis, bread, potatoes, millets and more
  • Have more of dals including chana dal, Masoor dal, urad dal, etc. If you’re a non-vegetarian, you may choose to have eggs, lean meat, chicken or fish for proteins. Fatty acids are very important for the overall growth of your baby so don’t forget to do tuvar dal online shopping now!
  • Use a good portion of fats and vitamin E including nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, flaxseed, chia seed, etc.)
  • Make sure that you take calcium in different forms – milk, cheese, paneer, and yogurt. Prefer low-fat versions more.


You should stay away from stomach infections and food poisoning for which the following should be avoided:

  • Don’t opt for unpasteurized milk as it may contain bacteria listeria which is harmful to baby’s health.
  • Avoid ground meat products like kebabs, patties, etc.
  • Do not consume any food products which contain raw or semi-cooked eggs. It may lead to salmonella food poisoning.
  • Avoid eating partially cooked fish – raw fish, shellfish or sushi
  • Don’t eat fruits without washing them properly as there may be pesticides settled on it. If necessary, peel them for safe side.
  • Do not overdose Vitamin A as taking it for supplements can harm the baby.

Why Rentio Toor Dal comes into the picture?

Rentio Toor Dal contains Folic Acid which is a natural form of water-soluble vitamin B. Some enriched foods and supplements contain folic acid in synthetic form too. When consumed in good portions during pregnancy, it helps to prevent complications like premature birth, neural-tube defect, and low birth weight.

Pregnant women need 800 mcg of folic acid daily. Having dal-rice or staple food containing lentils, beans, paneer and more will fulfill this requirement brilliantly.

Not just we recommend proper intake of folic acid but studies have shown that Folic Acid helps prevent birth defects.

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