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Rentio Toor Dal is a desi ingredient of your kitchen with which you can savor delicacies cooked in a modern style, isn’t it? After all, #JiyoDeshi is for the betterment of your health.

#JiyoDeshi – Ask the Secret to your Grandparents

There are certain things which are always a “?” for us and one such instance is: “How come our grandparents so aged and healthy?”

The common answer that we get is “Because they used to eat everything pure & non- adulterated”.

Yes, it’s true but also tries to look at the flipside. Adulterations prevailed during that time too, but, the strength, stamina, and health they have today are because they prioritized food which was good for both – tongue and stomach.

Manufacturing of Rentio Tuwar Dal is close to Nature

As compared to this, when you peep into your lifestyle, there is a list of things which we don’t like to eat and most of them are the ones which do well to our health. We are so busy with Junk Food & tantalizing cuisines (which are an addition to the ‘Status’ for many) that we have blocked the ways for traditional Indian cuisine which can make the world go crazy for it. Also, you need to be very conscious while adding packaged food, frozen food products & more to your cart as you can afford to spend on food but not on health.

Having these tummy fillers occasionally & having that fan-moment is a great time but making it a routine will put you in danger.

This is something that we all are well aware of. On the other hand, many of us claim to be gym freaks but few of us really know that a pretty good amount of proteins can be extracted from lentils & pulses too. Then what is the point in investing loads of money in protein powder?

Rewind now or Regret Later

Do you remember any of your favorite veggies, any type of dal, parathas or a specific Indian cuisine that can make your mouth water by its name? If yes, try bringing it back to your lunch or dinner.

You’ll feel good. In fact, tame yourself to consume healthy food(not necessarily salads, fruits or oats always). Even your desi food can be yummy with the tempting siders and tempering.

Do you know? The Tadka added to Indian recipes is healthier than your Junk Food…!

Yes! The Desi Ghee Tadka not only adds to the flavor but also aids indigestion. And, it is no wonder one of the most loved Indian recipes.

Rentio Tuwar Dal is at your Rescue!

If you really think that #JiyoDeshi is a hit idea, why not start with India’s 83+ years old Desi Brand which has received love from generations. By the time you have discovered the importance of the essential nutrients in our lives & it seems a good day for tuwar dal online shopping too. So, let us help you with family-perfect dal packages.


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