How to keep Tuvar Dal away from nasty bugs?

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You sit back and relax after Tuvar Dal Online Shopping and as your parcel arrives, the lentils are stored where they belong. Do you think this is enough?

You need to stay alert if you want to keep your organic lentils in a hygienic condition. The shelf life of lentils is affected by many factors and bugs are uninvited agents spoiling your nutritious ingredient. Most of us find it disgusting when we see Weevil, even accidentally, in rice, flour, spices or toor dal containers. Their appearance is found as common and unavoidable.

This nuisance increases in monsoon as it is the best breeding ground for these insects to grow in a damp and humid condition. It is impossible to stop their reproduction then.

Let’s have a look at DIY tips to keep the insects away from your pantry.

Home Remedies to keep Bugs away Cloves

Using cloves is the easiest option to try as they are widely available. It will fight off the bugs and avoids their further infestation.

Cloves can be sprinkled in your pantry area to protect your grains and pulses away from the pantry area. Make sure that the original flavor of your Rentio Toor Dal is not spoilt with its smell.

Bay or Neem Leaves

Bay Leaves or Neem is the age-old remedy to get rid of beetles. You can also put these leaves inside loose flour in the containers which are prone to contamination.

Keep the Lentils in Sunlight

As these insects are ruling because of humidity in dark storage which is also a suitable condition for them to reproduce, you can adopt the extreme step. Keep your flour, lentils, and grains to dry in full sunlight and beetles will flee away.

Red Chilies

Once the insect flees from the tuvar dal, you need to make sure that they don’t return. You can use red chilies within your container. This does not guarantee 100% protection as the pulses are prone to become infested quickly.

Polished vs. Unpolished Dal

Why does this happen?

When you buy organic Tuwar Dal Online, some brands are concerned with this problem and thus adopt nitrogen packing to prevent infestation. You should know that organic grains and pulses attract pests and this is the proof of authenticity. Moreover, these pests are less dangerous than harmful chemicals used to prevent infestation. You can wash pests away from your pulses when you use dal for cooking. When they are settled in flour, you can sieve it well. However, the pulses with skin are found to be more vulnerable than split lentils.

Now you know how to store your lentils, why don’t you buy dal online!

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