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Keeping our immunity booster is one of the most important things we have to take care of these days. Even if we think “stay home, stay safe” is enough to protect ourselves from Coronavirus, we have to get into the action by focusing on immunity boosters.

This immunity-boosting food doesn’t always come in beautiful packages but can also be found in the kitchen. They might not be the protein shakes or granola bars but they are beans, chickpeas, lentils & pulses too.

Our meals play a vital role in developing a robust immune system. Let’s pledge to use the proteins & develop healthy eating habits during & after lockdown.

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Before we proceed towards immunity-boosting with proteins, you should check this out…

First things First: Avoid Unhealthy Eating Habit in Lockdown

As we all know, the availability of fresh fruits & a variety of vegetables has got scarce during the lockdown. Such limited access to fresh & healthy food may turn us towards processed food that is high in fat, sugar, and salt.

No wonder we can satisfy our cravings for a while but it will have a great negative effect on the immune system. Additionally, it also impacts the mental health and well-being.

Moreover, when you’re staying indoors for days or months by now, you might feel bored after a few hours and feel like eating something nice. This “nice” often points at sweets or gorging on plates of extra calories. Stress-eating may happen too. You may feel cravings for food that cheer you up – chocolate, homemade cakes, cookies, pastries, etc that are high in sugar. If this was less, binge-eating comes into the picture. All of this together affects the immunity system and weakens your body to fight against any viral attack.

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3-Step Immunity Booster Plan

Step: 1 – Plan your Diet

The best way to ensure that you take enough proteins is to create a diet plan for daily meals. No, it isn’t the diet chart that you get from the gym.

By planning your meals in advance, the ingredients are utilized better & you also make sure that there is no waste. It also helps you in shopping grocery well (without forgetting anything). Also, you can plan your lunch & dinner in such a way that the nutrients are equally divided.

For instance, your immunity system needs Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Proteins & Zinc. You may prepare lunch with healthy & tasty Dal recipes or savor veggies to avail Vitamin A & C in abundance. Non-vegetarians can take maximum benefit from meat, dairy & bread to avail zinc.

Step: 2 – Stay Hydrated

Water offers many benefits than you think. Your immunity-boosting plan should also include ample hydration. Drink adequate water & if possible, you may drink fresh fruit juices, squash, etc too. The total consumption of fluids throughout the day should sum up as eight glasses. Avoid caffeinated drinks that don’t let you sleep.

Step: 3 – Rely on more Nutrient Sources

The nutrient list is endless if you want to boost immunity. In addition to having healthy lunch & dinner, add proteins to your daily regimen with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, oats, salads, and porridges.

A Few Eating Habits to Stick to…

  • Start keeping a food diary to rein in unplanned eating
  • You might feel bored or stressed for a while but this is temporary & so you should not overeat
  • Never snack too often, it affects your digestion to a great extent
  • Adopt a habit of mindful eating: Chew slowly, enjoy every bit of morsel, the smell & flavors of the dish

We hope that this blog helps you out in boosting immunity effortlessly. Stay tuned with us for more of such helpful blogs.

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