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Rentio-Toor Dal

If you hear about Dal Rice & think that it is your comfort food then welcome to the ‘Dal Lovers’ clan!

As the world has shrunk, we have started living in a global village. Your comfort food list may be very extensive these days. Besides dal rice, it may be mashed potato, chicken soup, Chinese fried rice or hot chocolate that is included in your kind of comfort food.

But, if you are an Indian by heart, Dal holds an irreplaceable place in your heart. Even if you are out for dining, you will not feel shy to order Dal fry or Dal Tadka with jeera rice, right?

Let’s have a look at some facts and origin of Dals…

When Lentils or Pulses are called ‘Dal’?

Of the three basic Indian pulses versions: whole, split and skinned, the lentils are called ‘dal’ when they are split. The word ‘dal’ means a split grain. But, in India, we refer dal in a different sense. Dal means a split lentil as well as a dish cooked using these lentils, which does not necessarily need to be vegetarian.

Did this just mean that you can also prepare a non-veg version of Dal with Rentio Toor Dal too?!

Where does your favorite Dal Chawal find its origin?

Yes! You read it right. Dal Chawal is the most comforting staple food for Indians but it is originated in Nepal. The point to be noted here is that the combination of ‘Dal Chawal’ finds its origin in Nepal, not ‘Dal’.

Today, every Indian state has its signature Dal recipe, thanks to its different cooking styles and unique tempering which make it hard to say which Dal recipe is better than other.

5 Interesting Facts about Dal Rice/Dal Chawal

  1. Dal Recipes savored by rich and poor today have findings from a pre-Harappan culture where all kinds of lentils were a staple food.
  2. In ancient times or during the era of Kings, Dal was served as a celebratory meal. It is believed that a special kind of Chana Dal was prepared for the auspicious occasion of Chandragupta Maurya’s wedding with Greek Princess Helen of Troy in 303 BC.
  3. Panchmel Dal/Panchratna Dal was another Dal recipe widely loved and appreciated by Royals and was also the favorite Dal of Queen Jodha Bai.
  4. Kundan Lal Gujral, the inventor of Butter Chicken wanted to create a ‘Shahi’ Dal. He had already perfected the combination of Tomatoes and cream-based gravy for butter chicken and wanted to try this with a lentil. He decided to use Urad Dal, Chana Dal & Rajma in this recipe and it proved to be a masterstroke and the most celebrated Dal Makhani was born.
  5. Dal Bhat finds its origin in the Himalayas. Dal Bhat is the only meal which is served in the food stalls around the Everest Base Camp.

Hope you find some interesting stuff about your favorite Dal. So, head over for tuvar dal online shopping now!


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