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‘One change at a time’ & you will become a healthier version of yourself instead of just making and breaking the New Year Resolutions every time.

We all have certain things on the mind which are still on ‘to-do’ list, so let’s stop the tradition with Rentio’s super-easy New Year resolutions which can easily be followed.

Treat yourself with High-Protein meals

High-protein meals are very important for body growth and are far better than artificial proteins which are generally consumed for bulking and energy-boosting. Cultivate a habit of having nutritious meals which is possible with lentils like Toor Dal, Chana Dal, Paneer & more. Prove everyone wrong with delicious high-protein vegetarian meals.

Say ‘yes’ to Home-Cooked Meals

The way our food culture is evolving, the restaurant’s food is available at finger-tip but munching them often is not at all recommended for good health. This does not mean to starve you from eating outside but having more of home-cooked meals will bring a change to your health for good.

Say ‘no’ to Artificial Sweeteners & Food Colors

Artificial sweeteners & food colors have no additional nutritional value and contain elements which harm health. Food colors are made of dyes which have unimagined adverse effects on the body so this year, let’s try to stay away from them as much as possible.

Surf social media for inspiration

There is a lot to explore while you scroll down your feeds on social media. Make a habit of saving healthy recipes which you can use later. Meanwhile, you can get new recipe ideas with Rentio Saturday Specials on Facebook & Instagram so you keep learning something new and also have a yummy and healthy recipe to try!

Snack before you sweat

Workouts are done right only if you carry it out with a proper snack. Consult your dietician and get a diet chart to help you eat the right snack before and after a workout so exercising affects your body in the way you have expected.

Give yourself a break

Strictly counting on calories and limiting eating habits can be totally exhausting and so you should give yourself a break. Break the myth that Rice makes you fat so you cannot eat while gymming. If you are trying to lose weight, do it with a proper meal plan instead of skipping meals and quitting your favorites.

Try a new recipe every Week

Change is for good and this comes true when you learn new recipes every week or at least in a month and serve it with love to your family.

Not only your cooking will be praised but you will be learning a lot many recipes as an addition to your skills. So, are you ready to try hands on at least 12 recipes in 2019?!

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