5 Ways to Believe “Dals are Superfoods”

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Rentio Tuwar Dal has been India’s favorite for 83+ years now & this isn’t the only reason to find dal as mainstream for Indian meals. You’ve got more reasons to believe that dals & lentils have a special place in our lives.

Dals or lentils are nicknamed as Super Foods as they are totally packed with nutrients. This plant-based protein form has low-fat content and has an abundance of proteins and fiber.

With innovations in cooking styles, the consumption of lentils grew a lot. We’re now savoring dishes that aren’t just limited to traditional dals but also as stews, soups, curries, and sweets. They’re valuable additions to burgers, parathas, sauces, and casseroles.

Why do we call Dals as Super Foods? Check out yourself!

1. Add Dal to weight-loss diet plan & see the positive change

No, it’s not about consuming dal & getting slim. But, dals aid a lot when you’re struggling hard to lose weight. By adding lentils to your weight loss plan, you have sufficient proteins & can manage to burn calories with proper diet.

Dals are loaded with fiber & rich in proteins & helps you to balance your diet easily. As you feel full for longer, you don’t have to munch often. This has positive effects on your basal metabolic rate & puts fat-burning on fire.

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2. Muscle Building can’t get any better without Dal Proteins

Only body-builders know the real struggle when muscles undergo wear & tear during heavy workouts. There is a requirement of stronger repair & growth system & here is when lentil proteins help you out.

Body contouring is aided by the amino acids & zinc present in dals & lentils. That is why we say “Body definition is incomplete without a bowl of dal”

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3. Have diabetes? Have Dal!

Diabetes patients find dals as a boon. Blood sugar levels are stabilized by dal proteins & also the fluctuations are controlled well. The fiber present in lentils slows down the food absorption rate in the blood and hence sugar levels are maintained well.

4. Get relief from frequent bloating with Dal savories

Patients with a weaker gastrointestinal system greatly benefit from meals with dals. When consumed regularly, the digestion is improved. Also, the bowel movements are eased and constipation is prevented.

This is no wonder one of the benefits of soaking the dals overnight!

5. Soothes in Hypertension & good for Heart Health

Dals have negotiable fat content along with dietary fibers & proteins that is good for heart health. Lentils also have potassium & magnesium in good amounts that help cardiovascular muscles to relax & lower down blood pressure levels.

Additionally, lentils also provide a lot of antioxidants that diminishes the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

Are you impressed with the benefits of our superfood?!

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