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Rentio- Cross Culutral Dals

Finding Tuvar Dal Online should give you an idea of Indian’s likings for Dal. The way Dal is satisfying the daily protein needs of the nation cannot be ignored.

A popular belief holds that most Indians are vegetarians. Non-vegetarians enjoy this staple with love too. Thus, we see dal as meal completer. Almost every Indian household cooks dal regularly and is a major component of the meal. Even at weddings, we find the menu incomplete without dal.

5 Cross-Cultural Dals of India

We are about to explore Cross-cultural Dals savored across India.

1. Split Pigeon Pea / Toor Dal

Toor Dal is the Crown holder when it comes to the most popular choice of dal. Nothing can beat the taste and flavor of Toor Dal (or say Rentio Toor Dal Online India, if you are familiar with the quality). You can try a variety of recipes as you want, it will turn out to be delicious. As it has an ample amount of carbs and proteins, it is much loved.

Do you know? The best use of leftover Toor Dal can also be cherished as Dal Dhokli, a popular Gujarati recipe.

2. Split Moong Dal

Pale yellow-color dal is yet another popular dal. It doesn’t seem to be very inviting but is a part of meals as a nutrition-rich component. Moong dal has high protein content and is low on carbs. Most people also like to have it as Moong dal Halwa. Hospitalized patients are advised to have this dal for a speedy recovery.

Calling it as a superfood in dal would justify its role.

3. Split Bengal Gram / Chana Dal

Chana Dal belongs to the chickpea family. It is known for its unique flavor. For those who like to have Dal with roti or Pakwan, Chana dal goes best. The popular breakfast of Sindhi – Dal Pakwan is nothing but an exotic dish of Chana dal. Just like its fellow dals, it is rich in proteins and other nutrients.

4. Split Masoor Dal / Red Lentil

After passing through the splitting process, this lentil turns out to be red in color. It can be cooked as a sole dish or mixed with Toor Dal. Masoor Dal tastes heavenly as Dal Palak.

5. Split Black Gram / Urad Dal

Do you know what your favorite Dahi vada or Meduvadai is made of? Yes, you got it right, Urad Dal. It is black in color when cooked as a whole. Dal Makhani is incomplete without it. Urad Dal is rich in fiber and more nutrients.

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