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Trying Lockdown Recipes by Rentio Toor Dal is what you should be doing now. Even if you’re entering your kitchen with the motto to cook for the first time or you’ve already tried hands on cooking, you would love to serve these lip-smacking varieties to your family.

5 Things to do while #stayathome

We have seen Dalgona Coffee currently trending on Instagram & many of us have tried our own version of Lockdown Recipes India. It looks like we need more of healthy recipes to keep our immunity boosted these days.

That’s is the major inspiration for this blog.

What makes you try Rentio Tuvar Dal recipes?

You may wonder why Rentio Tuvar Dal is so boasted about. Well, most Indians have ample stock of rice, wheat & pulses that include several types of dals & lentils. When you can’t step out of your homes, you can make the most of the ingredients available at home & toor dal is one of them.

Also, dals are prepared every alternate day in Indian homes. So, to bring excitement to the routine menu, we’ve got impressive recipes.

Bring your creativity out & upgrade your cooking skills with easy-to-make recipes for any cooking-level. The best part is, we can get you sorted for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

10 Must-Try Lockdown Recipes at Home

Here you go with amazeballs lockdown recipes at home.

Yummy Breakfast Recommendations
An amazing variation to regular parathas that will make your day!
Something Exciting for Lunch
More lovely servings for Dinner
Try these lip-smacking Kofta with ingredients you have at home

Once things get normal, you may buy dal online & re-stock your kitchen shelves so that these recipes are savored on a repeat mode.

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