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You may wonder how Rentio Tuwar Dal relates to the celebration of the 150thbirthday of Mahatma Gandhi – The father of our Nation. Hold tight as we are giving you some obvious reasons for the same.

Rentio Toor Dal – A Brand Enthusiastically Driven by Females

Basic Principles of Gandhi derived by Rentio Toor Dal

The logo of Rentio Toor Dal itself should give you an idea of how well the principles of Gandhi are kept alive by us. Here goes the relation of our brand with Mahatma Gandhi. Our logo reflects the spinning wheel, which has become the identity of ‘Rentio’ which also means the same.

Gandhiji used this spinning wheel hoping that it would help Indians to achieve self-sufficiency and independence. It is also used as a symbol of the Indian Independent Movement.

Rentio has own reasons to Celebrate #150YearsOfGandhiji

Shree Gordhandas Chokhawala from the Rentio family worked closely with Gandhi and was impressed by his values. Moreover, he was well-aware of the adulteration done by shopkeepers in lose-packing dals during the 1920s and wanted to get rid of such ill practices. This gives birth to the idea of establishing Rentio, a brand that stands on purity, quality, and taste. The tradition started then is still in continuity and does not seem to degrade anyways.

It’s always a proud moment stating that Rentio Toor Dal is 83+ years old now and we have served nutritious dals to generations. Your mother, grandmother and even your great grandmother have created mouth-watering recipes with our dals.

Our brand is time-tested, thanks to the strong root connection with Gandhi’s principles which always taught us to pursue the truth.

After all, providing products that are worth the money and hold high nutritional value is following the path of Gandhi. We have progressed over the years but always stood strong with our basic principles. This is what keeps us going and we are receiving love increasingly.

What could be a better reason than celebrating 150 glorious years of the man who directed us towards truth? Buy Dal Online now & feel good that you’re consuming dal from a brand that never compromises on principles, no matter what.


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