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When it comes to losing weight, everybody will advise having enough proteins. And, guess what! You can get ready to buy dal online, stock-up paneer, fill your kitchen rack with more and more lentils because when you are not going to need any protein shake or artificial proteins. Yes!

Okay so before jumping to some amazing pulses recipes for weight loss, let us show you why “PROTEINS” are always at the core?

Polished vs. Unpolished Dal

Why protein is important for weight loss?

  • Protein is important for weight loss as well as to achieve the body of your dreams.
  • You can cut down on belly fat as well as overall body fat by relying on proteins as a long-term strategy. (The results may vary according to different working mechanisms of the body)
  • A good portion of a protein-rich meal reduces your food cravings up to 60% and you get a whopping metabolism boost by 80 to 100 calories per day. Calculating this further, your daily calorie intake is cut down to 440 calories if you learn the benefits of eating dal-rice-ghee every day. (P.S. Dal-Rice-Ghee is only an instance; you can have any of your favorite dal recipes)

Do you know? When your body is digesting and metabolizing proteins, around 20- 30% of protein calories are burned.

  • In case, if you are not looking to lose weight vigorously, proteins can also help to prevent muscle loss and boosts metabolism.

Now, let’s get back to why we have started. Here are some wonderful recipes you must try at least once. (Trust me, some of them will leave you thinking if it will make you lose weight but yes, it will…)

Five Weight Loss Recipes with Pulses

You can try these variations from lunch to dinner & also as a dessert. Let’s check out each of them.

Black Bean Brownie

Your desert can be less contributing to calorie count when it’s a black bean brownie. It will have nearly 225 calories per serving and adding black beans to your regular brownie mix will make them gluten-free. It will make no difference in taste and will also help you have a guilt-free dessert. (You can use dark chocolate chips for toppings)

Grilled Veggie Burgers

Can eating burgers help in weight loss? Your perception will be changed after reading this. Though you can get 430 calories with this, a patty made with mashed black beans, brown rice and breadcrumbs taste heavenly topped with sautéed onions and one-fourth portion of a small cheese cube makes for yum tummy filler.

No-meat Loaf

If you’re a vegetarian, you have to rely on vegan ways to either build-up muscles or lose weight. Contributing 300 calories, this no-meat loaf has tempting tomato glaze and is made of chickpeas, celery, carrots, and flaxseeds.

Slow Cooker Rentio Tuvar Dal

Slow cooker Rentio Tuvar dal is nothing else but your traditional dal that is consumed in almost every Indian household. So, if you are already having it in your meals, be glad! You’re already making efforts for weight loss either knowingly or unknowingly. Have you tried 5 easy ways to cook delicious dal recipes?

Split Pea Soup

It is not to be mentioned that yellow split peas are nothing else but your very own Toor Dal. Like you can get Rentio Ready in 3 Minutes, this is an easy-to-make soup that is delicious too. This soup is a serving of approx. 305 calories. Dried split peas are cooked with carrots and green onions. Besides helping you to lose weight, it is a good muscle toner too.

You can find detailed recipes of all the above-mentioned listings on the web. As there is a lot of variety they can be made with, you may continue with whichever you like.

If you feel like grabbing your protein’s core source now then you may proceed to toor dal online purchase now!

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