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Rentio-toor dal

Dals have always remained as a powerhouse of proteins, be it Toor Dal, Moong Dal, Urad Dal or any other. “I don’t like dal” says no one ever – can be easily believed when you are an Indian. Different states of India have its own specialty of finger-licking Dals and they have even found a spot in wedding menus too!

So, when asked – “Which is your favorite Dal?” the answer is not easy as there are a lot of varieties to savor in a lifetime. Let’s have an overview of five Dal recipes which are not only easy to cook but are chart-toppers when it comes to veg-cuisine.

Dal Methi Fry

Dal Methi Fry

Dal Methi Fry – is a two-ingredient centered recipe, as its name states. If you are looking for the simplest Dal recipe, count this healthy meal. In case if you want it to be more nutritious, this recipe can be extended with Masoor Dal.


Moong Dal Whole Green

Moong Dal is a nutrient-rich lentil and is packed with potassium, magnesium, iron and copper. Punjabi style whole Green Moong Dal is quite popular. Needless to say that whole green moong dal is consumed as boiled and fried too. However, if you want to give relief to your stomach, one-pot whole green moong dal is all set to help you out.



Khatti Hyderabadi Dal

Khatti Dal

If your mood calls for savoring a creamy, smooth, flavorful and sour dal then go for none other than Khatti Hyderabadi Dal. Though it is a specialty of Hyderabadi cuisine, it leaves a lasting taste whenever cooked. This dal is not only nutritious but also flavor-rich and can be savored with a lot of variations like best premium basmati rice, jeera rice, chapati or rotis.



Kolhapuri Style Akkha Masoor

Kolhapuri cuisine is popular for its hot and spicy flavors and you can so expect this Kolhapuri style Akkha Masoor to be chilly. If you want to try out a dal recipe in a no- gravy form then go for this one. It is a great tiffin-option and you will definitely want to try it again with your own versions once you learn to make it.



Panchmel Dal

Panchmel Dal

Panchmel Dal or Panchratna Dal is a recipe originated in Rajasthan and is now popular worldwide due to its signature dish – Dal Bati Churma. This authentic Dal can only be made with a combination of five different Dals. You can use your favorite dals together to make this and a dollop of ghee can make it taste heavenly.

We are coming up with some exciting facts and all of these five recipes soon. Stay tuned!:)

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